welcome to my webpage, its one of the things i created during my 17 year stay on this planet


this is a box dedicated to my interests.

minecraft release 1.5.2:

i love old versions of minecraft. more recent releases are fun too, but older versions have this charm— but maybe thats because i played a lot of pocket edition when i was younger. i have a world in release 1.5.2 that i build in occasionally. here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure (feel free to zoom in for a closer look):

an image of my cottage the enchanting room in the cottage basement cabin on a floating island floating island with trees


it seems like theres always something new in the world of astronomy. here's a picture of the black home at the center of Messier 87— the first photo of a black hole ever taken iirc. its kinda insane how people can get photos like this from earth.

gif of anakin skywalker


cool movies i like. i will add more later.

revenge of the sith princess mononoke i will add later i will add later

i used to collect pokemon cards

these are my favorite pokemon. the froakie is a stand in for greninja since i can't find it's animated spirte anywhere. also special shout out to eevee (my friend made me an eevee plushie)
eevee froakie ralts jigglypuff pichu